Table Tents

Table Tents

Table tents are those kind of cards which are places on tables and front help desks of companies to give information, promote the products or show special deals to the customers. They are printed with the aim to attract more and more people and they have specialized designs, colors and style to get maximum attention. The tents can be one sided of two and they are folded from bottom to provide a stand for their standing.

The tent designs are printed from materials like cardboard or plastics where cardboard ones provide attractive yet simple looking cards. The vinyl plastic tents can be transparent to allow see-through capabilities while the PVC plastic is available in a variety of solid colors. The plastic printed tents also water and dust resistant.

Our customers can choose to have the tents customized by choosing from emboss, stamping and foiling in gold or silver. UV coating can also be selected if you are looking to add scratch protection to your tents.

We offer custom table tent printing services where the designs of the table tents are made according to the specifications of the customers. Our team of designers is always ready to help our customers in getting they desired designs printed where designing services are offered free of cost.

We offer cheap priced printing services of table tents where our customers can choose to get their consignments delivered to your doorsteps free of cost.


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