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Clings are those kind of stickers which do not have any kind of adhesive on their backs instead they use static electricity to attach to the surface. These kind of stickers are used widely on places like glass windows, tables, glass doors as well as car windshield and windows.

Clings are printed from materials like paper, cardboard or plastic where paper material look simple yet attractive while the cardboard ones have rigidness on them. The vinyl plastic printed clings have transparency while the PVC plastic clings are available in a variety of solid colors where both vinyl and PVC ones are waterproof.

Once they have been printed with regular materials, they are charged with electricity to add static electricity to the clings. The statically charged clings are then used to attach to the surface of any place.

These can also be printed in different shapes where traditional shapes like round, square, rectangular and oval ones are available. You can also choose the custom option to get any kind of text printed on the clings while the die-cut allows to print any kind of unique shape easily.

You can also choose to have them personalized by getting them embossed or stamped and you can add shine by using the gold or silver foiling. UV coating can also be added on the paper and cardboard materials to add protection from scratches by getting them coated with thin-transparent layer of plastic.

All the clings are printed in full-color which means you will be able to use different colors on them and images can also be printed on them in original colors.

We offer cheap rates for the printing of clings where different packages are offered to you. You can also get them delivered to your doorsteps without charging any extra fee.

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