Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards, as the name suggests are those kind of cards which are used to send some kind of greetings. These cards are mostly used on occasions like New Year, Christmas, birthdays, marriage anniversaries etc. These cards can have some kind of special message which makes them idea for sending to your loved ones.

The greeting cards are available in different styles where the most common ones include 10x, 7x5 and 8.5x6 cards. Custom greeting card designs are also offered which lets us print any kind of text on them while the folded ones have folded designs.

These cards are usually printed on cardboards where they can be printed in different textures and colors while the plastics have different colors and are waterproof.

You can choose to have your cards personalized by getting them embossed or stamped or get shine by getting them foiled. The foiling is available in gold and silver. UV coating can also be added to the to make them scratch resistant.

We print all the cards in full-color which means you can choose from a wide variety of colors or simply get an image printed in its original colors.

We print all the greeting cards at cheap rates where no compromises are made on the printing quality. Shipping of all the ordered cards is done without charging any extra fee and disregarding the size of the consignment.


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