Envelopes are an authentic and proven method of the safe and secure delivery of the documents which is widely and globally applied. Mailing of documents by post or by courier is not possible without the use one or another other type of envelopes. Even for the personal communication of the docs, these are treated as the nice and decent method of delivering docs. These are used to send the greeting cards (wedding, engagement, birthday, promotion, academic achievement or employment celebrations), invitations, love messages, catalogs, product offers, receipts, official, legal documents and other communications.

Iprintingco.co.uk offers five very popular and hot different types and designs which are; 1 colored, full colored, non-window, number 10 and window envelopes. These can be printed in any size, any shape and any color, depending upon your needs and requirements and can be printed wide variety as per your specific choice.

The material used for the printing of envelopes is paper (superfine, white, shining white, colored, multi-colored, fragranced, glazed and laminated) while other materials such as, UV coated materials or Gold/Silver foiled materials can also be used to print them. Embossing and stamping technique is extensively applied for the printing.

The images and text are printed with different and wide combination of dense, rich, full, bright, eye-catching, vibrant and lively colors. Different types and designs may be printed in different combination of colors. For the official and formal communication, CMYK basic colors may be used for the printing.        

Cheap and the good quality printed stuff is shipped to you, free of cost, within the United States, regardless of the size of the consignment.


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