Door Hangers

Door Hangers

Door hangers are a very sensitive and sober style of informing the visitors about the pre-occupation of the insiders. Typically printed with the wording / messages, such as, Don’t Disturb, Sleeping, Meeting, Away and so on. These are hanged with the door locks and handles and can be removed / changed at any time as per need. These are used with the modern and the state of the art type of door locks.

Five different types and designs of the door hangers, offered by, are; 4x9, 5x8, Die-Cut, rectangular and round door hangers. These can be printed in any color, any size and any shape, depending upon your choice, business requirements or marketing plan.

The typical material, applied to print door hangers, is hard or soft cardboard (shining white, colored, multi-colored, glazed and laminated) but many other types of the materials are used to print them. For the durability and repeated usage, these can be printed on PVC plastic, thick/clear/transparent/white Vinyl, metal or some metal foiled thick material. Embossing and stamping is wide and extensively liked on them. To be seen in dim light and from distance, the light-reflecting material is mostly liked.

The images and text are printed with any combination of rich, dense, full, bright, shining, glowing, vibrant, lively and eye-catching spectrum of colors. But, for the official usage, the door hangers are printed with CMYK basic colors.

The cheap and good quality printed material is shipped to you, free of cost, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.      


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