Hanging tags are typically used with the many types of products, such as, toys, clothes, home appliances, grocery products, and so on. These are printed with many details about the name of the product, its brand, the manufacturing and expiry dates, country and company of the make, some pre-cautionary measure, operating instructions and some of the legally required instructions, if there are any. Tags are typically pre-punched with small holes to hand them with threads os something like this.

Iprintingco.co.uk offers four different types and designs of tags which are; asset, cloth, hang and swing tags. These can be printed in any color, any size and any shape, depending upon your choice, business requirements or the marketing plan of your company or marketing mix of the product. 

Wide variety of materials to print tags are used which ranges from thick paper, cardboard (soft, hard, thick, glazed and laminated), UV coated materials, thick / clear transparent / white Vinyl plastic, PVC plastic, metals or some metal foiled materials. Embossing and stamping techniques are extensively applied to print while the Gold / Silver / other metal foiled materials are also used to print.

The images and text are printed with rich, dense, full, vibrant, bright, shining, glowing and eye-catching combination of color spectrums while some are printed with CMYK basic colors.

The cheap and good quality tags are printed and shipped to you, free of cost, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size and weight of the consignment.          


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