Counter Cards

Counter Cards

Counter Cards a widely used and applied business technique to declare the name and title of the official occupying the sea or office place. The name and the designation is specifically printed on these cards for the counters. These cards for the counters are extensively applied for the office tables, counters at the shopping outlets, service centers, meetings and seminars. offers business counter cards for use in the offices and the shopping outlets and can be printed as per your business requirements or the company policy. These cards can be printed in any combination of colors, any size according to the space available for their display or in any shape as desired by you. For the cards, the names and the designation of the employees, participants or the other officials are provided by you and we prepare them according to your specifications. These cards are either designed with the below platform or without platform which is made with the same material is a part of the card, again depending upon your choice.

Typical material used for the cards for the counters is cardboard (soft, hard, white, shining white, light reflecting, colored, multi-colored or so on), UV coated thick materials or PVC plastic.  

Similarly, the text or images (if there are any) are normally printed in sophisticated and decent looking CMYK spectrum of colors. But for the outlets for the children or ladies, the cards are printed with full, rich, dense, bright, glowing, shining and eye-catching colors. The embossing and stamping for the cards for the children outlets may be applied to make the cards more and more attractive and charming. 

The cheap and the good printed cards are shipped to you, free of cost, within the United Kingdom, regardless of the size of the consignment.   


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