CD Jackets

CD Jackets

CD jackets are the covers in which CD’s are offered to public for sale. These jackets are usually printed to add beauty as well as placeholder for selling the CDs. These jackets the first thing a person will see once he visits a shop.

We offer custom CD jacket printing services where our customers can select from different styles including 2 panel CD jacket, 4 panel and 6 panel CD jackets. The panels are comparts and they represent the number of CD a jacket can store.

The CD jacket designs printed by us are usually made from plastic materials like vinyl and PVC where vinyl can be used to get transparency while the PVC comes in a variety of colors. Some special type of CD jackets can also be printed from cardboard materials which not only look classic but, can also have different textures.

All thee jacket designs can also be embossed or stamped to get distinction while the foiling is useful to get shine. We print all designs in full-color which means you can use a variety of colors to make your jackets colorful and rich in colors.

All the designs of the jackets for CDs are tailor made for you where you can choose from many unique and unusual shapes and designs.

All the CD jackets are printed at cheap rates by offering them in different packages and costs are kept to minimum by offering free shipping anywhere in the United Kingdom.


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