Bookmarks are those placeholders which are used inside books and other reading materials to make sure that you don’t lose the place where you left once you come back after a break. They are designed specifically for books and they can be printed in different styles and designs.

We offer bookmark printing services with customized designs where different styles can be printed by choosing from 2x6 and 3x7 bookmark designs. We can also print custom designs which can have any kind of text while the die-cut ones can be used to get any unique shape for your bookmarks.

We offer bookmark printing from different materials where paper is the most common type which looks classic as well as suits the needs of the paper materials of the books. They can also be printed from materials like vinyl and PVC plastics where vinyl ones are transparent and PVC plastics can come in different colors while both the vinyl and PVC offer waterproofing options.

All of them can further be customized to look unique where options like emboss and stamping are available. The bookmarks can also be coated with foiling which will add shine in gold or silver. The bookmarks can also be protected from wear and tear as well as from getting wet by using the UV coating to add a thin layer of transparent plastic.

Our customers can choose to have their bookmarks printed in competitive designs and get them delivered free of cost to any location in the United Kingdom.


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